Movie Review: 28 Days Later – Wonderful Zombie Movie

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

One of the best ways to spend an otherwise boring afternoon is to watch an fascinating & disgusting zombie film. There is something about zombie movies which brings out our desire to watch others eat human flesh. Set in the not distant future, this fantastic zombie film has what everybody desires, with a couple of great surprises.

Our story starts out with a rapid overview of what has happened to the world. A few scientists were experimenting with a brand new kind of drug which had a couple of disagreeable side effects, one of which evoking pure anger. It also turned them in to flesh eating zombies. They, being not so smart scientists, thought they had the disease under control. Everything was going smoothly until some people decided to break in to the laboratory & released the primates. That was, of work, the beginning of the finish.

After that brief prelude, the actual film begins. They find out hero waking up in a hospital, only there is no nurses, doctors, or other patients. They manages to detach all of the wires & tubes, & makes his way outside, only to find the streets as deserted as his hospital. They notices a church, & decides to enter. They notices some unusual hand writing on the wall, which predicts imminent global doom.

They is startled by a noise & is horribly shocked to find the church is filled with flesh eating zombies who have taken refuge from the sun. It would appear that these zombies can only come out at night, when they hunt humans to eat. But these zombies are not like your run of the mill film zombies that amble aimlessly in search of food. These zombies are rapid on their feet, & can track you down faster that you’d think.

There is also another troubling thing about these zombies. Unlike zombies of other films, that were infected by some celestial happenstance, the disease which dooms these zombies was created in a laboratory. All it takes is a splash of zombie blood on your skin, & it is only a matter of minutes before you crave a tasty small tiny bit of human flesh.

Of work, the only way to kill a zombie is to shoot it in the head. What makes this particular strain of zombie difficult is there is a small tiny bit of lag time between getting splashed with zombie blood, & the effects kicking in. However, they do kick in, which makes it difficult for somebody to kill you in the event you look normal. As our zombie film goes on, the hero meets up with & joins forces with normal non-zombie humans. They must find other people, & battle zombies at every step of the way. Based on the particular ending you pick, you’ll either be happy or horrified. That is another great thing about this film.

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