Pulp Fiction: The Quickest Cult Classic Ever Created?

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

If you haven’t seen Pulp Fiction yet, then let me demonstrate why this ought to be on your must see list of movies that you crave. In case you like action, adventure, innovative dialogue & twist after indecipherable twist, then pulp fiction is your film. With a heavy hitting cast & directed by Quentin Tarantino, likely the best director of our time, this film is not to be missed.

The story begins with three men who are arriving to some kind of location. One of them has returned from Europe, & is entertaining the other about his tales. His incredulous partner cannot wait to go & visit for himself. When they pull up to the apartment complex, they learn the three characters are hit men, & have come to collect some type of payment or something.

One of the things that makes Pulp Fiction so incredibly entertaining is the original dialogue that seemingly goes all over the place, & is fascinating in & of itself. The writer & director, Quentin Tarantino, is widely known for his ability to make simple dialogue fresh & thrilling.

These three killers make up the core of the story, as all of their interactions are somehow interconnected, & they to watch it all unfold. That this wonderful film unfolds the way it does in such a believable form is basically one of the ways that you must watch this film.

What is likely the most repeated monologue in all of film history, one of the killers recites a mythical passage from the Bible, before putting several bullets in his cowering victim. As the film winds up to a close, the hit men questions which of the characters he actually is in this imagined line from the Holy Text. In the finish of the film, he’s a change of heart, & decides to walk the earth in a search for truth, in lieu of killing people for a living. Perhaps there will be a sequel in that.

In what is likely the most staggering piece of film making, the final scene rolls right in to the scene which opened the film, before the opening credits even started. A young couple, having decided to rob a diner, because they feel it will be much simpler to milk the patrons than a money register protected by a gun toting store owner. Since it is release, Pulp Fiction was an instant classic, & ought to be seen by everybody.

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