Underground Hip Hop: New York Rapper Strikws Back in 2010

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

CANE MURPHY a.k.a. redrum grew up in Stapleton, Staten island (Shaolin) & moved to section 8 housing in South beach where he was infamous for beat boxing & Sparking Freestyle cyphers on street corners. Downing 40 bottles of Elderly English, Murphy was known for his Irish wit & comedic story telling. Struggling through poverty, He turned to bombing the Streets with Graffiti to the point he was a wanted man by the Graff task force. In high speed chases with the police , Murphy was later picked up in a Narcotics sweep at the infamous South Beach Arcade for Hustling. He gave up everything in life & stepped in to the Rap Game

The Rapper Paid his dues in New Yorks’ Underground Rap scene performing over two hundred times. From grinding at open mics, showcases, battles & every where in between to make a name for himself. He toured around the United States with Grammy Award winning Recording Artist & Guitarist -“Vernon Reid” & D.J Logic, as well as hoping on a track with Rap Legend “Slick Rick” on their album “Front finish Lifter. Cane was one of the few rappers picked to perform in the first ever “Bronx Fest” with Hot 97 in attendance. Along with being featured on Mixtapes from D.JVlad

“Rock Star Blends” & “Coast2Coast Mixtape 81”, “Bedtyme 357” (Remy Ma’s DJ). He is also been featured in Canada’s “Peace Magazine” as well as online magazines “Juniors Cave”, Music notes ,The Southern mix etc.. In 2005 Cane Signed a two year licensing deal with “Missing Link Music”. In 2006 He was on a Hip-Hop compilation titled “Staten island Stand up” hosted by DJ G9D. In 2007 he released his single on Mekanizm Productions. In 2008 He is on DJ Vlad’s Mixtape “Rock Star Blends Vol. 2”. In 2009 He’s Featured on the Mixtape titled “the unholy union” featuring HipHop artist “The Game” & “Don Demonio” Cane Murphy’s story is in XXL Magazine’s February’s issue. In 2010 Cane Murphy is Featured on Several Mixtapes, including Mixtapes Hosted by “DJ Khaled”, Coast2Coast Mixtape 115, & DJ Smoke “Showcase 75” Mixtape. After surviving a major backbone operation & Narcotics claiming his life, overcoming mental & physical obstacles, Cane Murphy is Now putting out his Debut Album “The Side You Don’t See” March of 2010 with production from Platinum producers “Rocwilder” & D12’s “Mr. Porter”…

Cane murphy’s Full Bio & Insirational Story.

Cane Murphy aka Redrum has been rhyming & writing songs since a teenager. He put a group together called “Mekanizm” & went on to perform & sell cd’s. In 1999 he went solo under the Artist name “REDRUM” & worked with grammy award winning artist “Vernon Reid” (Rock group “Living Colour”) & went on tour around the United States with Vernon & D.J Logic in 2002/2003 with a song he was on with Rap Legend “Slick Rick” with the album titled “Front finish Lifter” on Released on Rope a Dope Records.. in 2004 he Performed in the first ever Bronx Fest with “Hot 97” & “Power 105” in attendance , where Cane Murphy got to perform along side some of Hip Hop’s Pioneers. By 2005 he made a name for himself as an Rapper/Lyricist in New York’s Underground & was performing at Open mics, Showcases & College radio, time warner tv shows & signed a two year “licensing deal” with Missing Link Music. Cane was featured on several Time Warner Tv shows including “The actors stage”, “Shaolin’s – Off the Hook”, & “Morano Vision. He performed on the Film score for the Independent Mob Film “Jimmy whispers returns to mulberry street” starring “Clem Caserta” (Lovely Fellas). By 2006 Cane Murphy aka Redrum did several collaborations with Rappers & producers from all over the 5 boroughs of New York, Including a song with brooklyn rapper “Eddie cane”, The Infamous “Queens Dream team” & Rapper “Kaitawn”..In 2008 he independently dropped his debut Single “This here’s the night” & the “Industry Remix”. He then Released his Infamous Remake of one of Hip Hop’s Greatest Lyricists (RAKIM’s “Paid in Full”). The Song helped Cane Murphy gain Street Credibility amongst fellow MCs, Producers & Fans.

Cane Murphy was Featured on DJ VLAD’s “Rock Star Blends Vol. 2”. By 2009 Cane Murphy featured in Online Rap Magazines such as “Juniors Cave” , “The Southern Mix”, “Music Notes Magazine”, “LyricsInc Mag” & more. In 2010 Cane Murphy’s inspriational Story of Fighting through Pain while waiting on a second Reconstructive backbone operation from a tradgic accident to hit the studio & finish recording his Debut album was in XXL Journal & Canada’s Urban Culture Journal – “Peace Magazine”.. in March/April of 2010 Cane is Filming for his Debut Video for his Single “When i am with You” Featuring island Def Jam Singer “Ashley Loren”. Cane Murphy is Featured on Several Giant Mixtapes this year , including Mixtapes from Infamous “DJ Khaled”, Coast2Coast Mixtape 115, & DJ Smoke “Showcase 75” Mixtape. Cane is working on his second song with exclusive production from Multi-Platinum Producer “Rockwilder” as well as collaborating with gifted up & coming producer “sinima’ (pro).

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