china Diamond iphone4 factory

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

iphone 4 case diamond

So, Apple’s free bumper case wasn’t enough for you? Do you want to encase your iPhone in something a little more … erm, maybe "classy" isn’t necessarily the word for this one. At any rate, as you can see above, customizer Stuart Hughes has enwrapped this iPhone 4 in over 878 diamonds (totaling over 100 karats), which are placed around the outside (that antenna gap has never looked so sparkly). Total price: US$2,000.

Apparently, two were made, and both were for an Australian businessman who wanted a little more bling on his iOS device. Was it worth it?

We are china Diamond iphone4 factory, could produce this diamond iphone4 case for you, it’s an so nobleness iphone 4 covers.

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