Stainless steel earrings jewelry describes that pieces are made of a steel alloy containing a minimum of 10 percent chromimu metal, stronger than platinum or silver, and especially good for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Cleaning wholesale stainless steel earrings from Stainless steel jewelry manufacturer can be done at home with inexpensive and common household proudcts, it’s simple and easy.

Clean the surface dirt with the miscible liquids of mild liquid detergent (1 tsp.) and lukewarm water (1 cup). Dip the old waste cloth in the soapy mixture, and rub the cloth gently over the wholesale stainless steel earrings jewelry to avoid scrathes.

Pink crystal ring, women ring

The next step is to take another new dry cloth, dip it in warm water. With it wipe the wholesale earrings jewelry clean to remove the soap residue. Then air dry the stainless steel earrings jewelry.

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