The jewelry world is witnessing largest growth of stainless steel jewelry for women, specifically for the women who want to add a bit style to their daily routine. women’s jewelry has quickly become a popular trend in recent years, and there are several reasons behind this. The top 5 reasons for this growth includes power and durability, masculinity, affordability, and almost zero maintenance. For these reasons, women’s steel bracelets and rings can be worn daily and nearly anywhere. So how is stainless steel establishing itself at the top of the women’s jewelry platform?

engagement ring, colorful cubic zirconia ring

Daily Usability
Strength and stability in women’s jewelry is important if it is to survive years of wear and use. Stainless steel is composed of iron ore combined with chromium which combats corrosion or staining, hence the stainless aspect of steel. Carbon in very small amounts are instill with the metal for increased durability and strength. These materials are, fortunately, much more rich than silver or gold. We are left with a low cost yet very solid metal to work with.
Steel Jewelry Production Costs
Stainless Steel bullion costs about the same as copper, which is between 5-10 times less than pure silver, as verified by a nationally recognized bullion distributor – metal mint. This relatively low cost is yet another reason for stainless steels recent adoption in the women’s jewelry industry.
The manufacture of stainless steel jewelry for women is also fairly, keeping production costs low. The casting process ensures repeatable results, which gives creative women’s jewelry designers the freedom to inspire daring, mainly style in a tough and stylish package.
Stylish Appeal and Affordability
Skull jewelry styles are popular for this very reason. A motorcycle chain is usually responsible for propelling a wheel. This same bike chain has now been designed as a stainless steel bracelet for men to wear daily, and is the perfect example of stainless steels purpose in men’s jewelry: Bold style in a tough package. The links in a bike chain bracelet however must be polished and rounded, amongst other modifications, in order to make it practical for daily use.
Allergic Reactions to Steel Jewelry
Allergic reactions to stainless steel metals is unfortunately a reality for a very small percentage of the population, as stainless steel may consist of nickel, titanium, chromium and other alloys, which can cause skin irritation or skin rashes. Stainless steel jewelry for women contains nickel, but its combination with the steel makes it highly unlikely to be the offender for those with nickel allergy. Still, those with nickel allergies may want to exercise caution with steel jewelry. Check with your doctor to find out what affects you.

There are universal appeals to Stainless Steel Jewelry, and it’s recent fame will grow as the trends adopt more designs and styles in stainless steel jewelry for women. Low production costs and daily usability will substantially contribute to the rapid growth of stainless steel products available in the next few years.

engagement ring, cubic zirconia ring

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