Stainless Steel jewelry getting popular

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Stainless steel jewelry
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Due to the increase in price of gold and silver men and women who like wearing jewelry are concentrating on alternative metal stainless steel although gold and platinum-clad items contain a base metal of silver still its price is touch sky. Although today gemstones are gaining popularity still number of individual prefer the tone and texture that only metal can bring. Therefore today stainless steel jewelry is capturing the market as it has lot to offer in terms of aesthetics, durability and budget of individual.

engagement ring, cubic zirconia ring

As stainless steel has a similar look that other white metals have is big attribute why people prefer stainless steel jewelry. It enjoys silver’s beautiful reflectivity while also boasting platinum’s status feel. Moreover steel usually doesn’t require the use of filler metals like nickel, which are unluckily often common in lower carat gold options of both white and yellow gold.

Stainless steel is a hard metal but not as much harder as titanium but on the other hand its more harder then gold, platinum and silver this is the reason why stainless steel jewelry is getting very popular due to the hardness of stainless steel it has more durability which is important factor for every person who likes to purchase jewelry as it can be preserved for generations to come.

Contrasting silver, or gold- and platinum-clad metals which can rust over time therefore stainless doesn’t get dull and requires very little maintenance. Another benefit of stainless steel jewelry is that it doesn’t contain non-toxic and is free from all type of allergy.

Another benefit of steels is that it is very economical contrasting to other metals. As stainless steel is hard therefore it does not does not bend or twist like other ornaments? The another benefit of steel is what you see is what you get.

engagement ring, light Ivory cubic zirconia ring

Today stainless steel is usually preferred by men as men don’t get concerned over the sparkle or shine they usually are interested in durability. But when it comes to women they want their jewelry to look expensive, which means they what jewelry that shine and sparkle. All though steel don’t shine and sparkle like other ornaments still it is very eye catching.

You should keep in mind that when stainless steel jewelry will get more popular the price tag of steel jewelry will also increase there for investing in silver jewelry is good idea.

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