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Today’s jewelry market has a multitude of different types of jewelry. From jewelry fashioned in gold, to sterling silver, to novelty type jewelry fashioned in seashells, jewelry has taken on a whole new meaning. You can buy just about any type of jewelery fashioned in all sorts of material as long it can be bent, molded or cut to form a particular shape.Titanium and tungsten are two popular metals that are fashioned in men’s and ladies’ jewelry. Both metals are a bit pricey but are still they are below the cost of a gold or sterling silver piece of jewelry. Stainless Steel is fairly new to the market and is becoming more and more popular. its increased volume of sales is directly due to several factors. Number one is the aesthetics of Stainless Steel with its high polished surface that looks like white gold. Number two is definitely the creative designs fashioned in Stainless Steel using gold overlays, different colored surfaces, and other modern methods of designing. another factor is the durability of Stainless Steel, it will last a lifetime.Stainless Steel jewelry is inexpensive compared to other types of metal made into jewelry. Their care is relatively easy and simple needing only to be cleaned with a soft cloth, gently rubbing with warm water and a little soap. next dip the piece in warm water to get the soap residue off and dry with a clean soft cloth rubbing it gently. For tougher dirt stains the same process with a little more elbow grease using white toothpaste will do the trick. if needed a toothbrush can be used for those hard to reach places. Be aware always follow the grain of the Stainless Steel to avoid scratches.With the modern day equipment available to the jewelry industry this genre of jewelry comes in all types of shapes and forms. Men’s and ladies’ rings, necklaces and bracelets even earrings are created in Stainless Steel. Highly fashionable, economically priced, durable; this jewelry has everything to offer the wearer.Why pay more for these products when you can pay less and get jewelry that you can be proud to wear and showoff to your friends.

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